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Get business loans from $15k to $300k at 6-12% Interest


If you're a start-up or operate an existing business, there may come a time when a cash injection is needed for growth and expansion. Whether you are looking to scale your operation, upgrade your equipment or launch a marketing campaign, a business loan can provide the additional funds you need to reach your business goals. We specialize in unsecured business loans for businesses like yours, without the need for collateral.

A business loan provides the cash injection needed to act quickly when a need for cash arises. With a business loan you get approved for a specific amount of money, then the funds are directly deposited into your checking account.

The money borrowed is paid back in fixed monthly payments with repayment terms from 2-7 years. There are no pre-payment penalties if you choose to pay off your loan early.

Our clients receive between $15,000 and $300,000 in loan amounts.

This provides you with 4 main benefits:

  1. Large cash injection into the business
  2. Funds directly deposited into your checking account
  3. No restriction on use of funds
  4. Establishes multiple banking relationships for your business

With a business loan you can use the funds for any business or real estate investing need. We have been helping businesses for over 21 years obtain business loans. And we can help you.

How it Works

    • Get Pre Qualified

      Fill out the pre-qualification form. There’s no fee or obligation, and it won’t impact your credit.

    • Get Funding Projections

      Upon underwriting completion we will provide you with funding projections in 24/48 hrs.

    • Get Funded

      Funds deposited into checking account in as little as 14 days.


    What Your Business Will Get

    • $15,000 to $300,000 in loan amounts
    • 3-4 installment loans (each bank issues up to $100k)
    • Funds deposited into checking account
    • Interest in the 6-12% range
    • Fixed monthly payment
    • Repayment terms from 2-7 years
    • No collateral

    The reality is securing a traditional business loan through a bank can be extremely challenging for startups and small businesses without a proven track record and solid revenues.

    The good news is a personal loan could be an excellent way to fund your business.

    A personal business loan is a loan made to you, the individual, based on your personal credit and personal income. You can use the funding from the loan for financing your business.

    Highlights for installment loans (Business or Personal)

    • Lump sum of cash deposited into your checking account
    • Fixed monthly payment
    • Repayment terms from 2-7 years
    • Establish 1-3 banking relationships
    • Positions you for future credit and loan offers from banks
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    What You Need to Qualify

    This program is based on personal credit and verifiable income of the individual or the business.

    Qualifications include:

    • Minimum of 660 FICO® Scores
    • Verifiable income of $2k per month (min) for personal or $2k net income per month for business (min)
    • Must be able to furnish docs to verify income such as W2s, pay-stubs or tax returns
    • No excessive inquiries
    • Can be in business or personal name
    • Startups are acceptable

    *We accept credit partners if your credit is not quite good enough. If your file is too thin with limited depth we also have a personal credit funding program to help you build up your personal credit file while gaining access to credit and capital. This will help position you to get qualified for one of our unsecured business funding programs in a short period of time.


    Why Should You Get Business Loans?

    Do you need a cash injection into the business?

    We solve this.

    Are you having trouble getting lumps sums of cash you need to grow your business or execute your real estate deals?

    We solve this

    We can get you access to business loans by leveraging the strength of your personal credit and income. Our in depth understanding of business funding means we can provide business loans to new and growing businesses in as fast as 14 days.

    Let us show you how to get the funding you need.

    Examples of how you can use business loans include (but are not limited to):

    • Starting a new business or purchasing a business
    • Pay off high interest debt
    • Acquire new equipment or supplies
    • Adding on to your current business location
    • Investing in real estate (purchase/rehab properties, pay off balloon notes, etc.)
    • Purchasing land or another business facility to grow your business
    • Launching an advertising campaign to promote your business
    • Investing in the long-term future of your business
    • Purchasing Raw Materials
    • Purchasing Inventory and Products for resale

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